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About Us :

First Step Rehabilitation Centre specializes in Intensive Paediatric Physiotherapy. Using First Step Program includes Neuro Respiratory Therapy, Suit therapy and Universal Exercise Unit, spider along with intensive physiotherapy programs, administered by well trained chartered therapists; children make significant progress in just 3 weeks. We offer modified physiotherapy programs, tailored to fit everyone's needs. We also offer traditional physical and occupational therapies, Speech therapy. Our First Step Rehabilitation center is located in Patrickswell, Co. Limerick, Ireland.
Our mission is to help children with autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, hypotonia, genetic disorders, post-stroke (CVA), traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy spinal Cord Injury and other neuromuscular disorders achieve greater independence.
Intensive therapy can accelerate progress in children's sensory processing and motor skills through strength, flexibility, increased endurance, balance, coordination, vestibular and enhanced functional skill training. Many children acquire skills like rolling, crawling, sitting, standing, and/or walking, as well as improved sensory modulation.
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